DJ Worx Review... 1 Year On!

The last year has been extremely busy, rewarding (and challenging at times!) here at Fonik.

Now standing at the start of 2020, we can proudly look back at the milestones we've reached, progress we've made and we are very excited for the future ahead. 

It was only a little over 12 months ago that we released our first range of products - including our Korg Volca stands which were reviewed very favourably by DJ Worx! 

We supplied DJ Worx with our 3 x Korg Volca stand who described it as "a striking podium for your synths". Admiring the stability and satin finish, as well as the clever pin system to hold your hardware in place - DJ Worx expressed that Fonik stands are the ideal way to tame your Volcas (and other instruments for that matter). 

As a company focussed on precision, we take all feedback on board with a view to further critique and improve the finer details of our products. DJ Worx review highlighted that our 3 x Korg Volka stand does not accommodate the Volca Mix - but don't worry, our larger models (x 4, x 6) which would require a mixing solution do, and this can be achieved by relocating the pins to the additional holes. Our Korg Volca stands also underwent some slight design adjustments and we're pleased to share that they now accommodate spacing for even heavier grade cables.

With Korg continuously expanding the Volca range we will soon be  bringing you a 9 x Korg Volca stand. Fresh out of our design process, it will be available soon for any of you out there with a serious Volca addiction!

We'd like to thank again DJ Worx for taking the time to review our stand: read their full review here:


We'd also thank all of our customers who share praise, provide feedback and support our journey as an establishing new business - we will always strive to improve our designs wherever possible and you are essential to that process! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting new Fonik products coming in 2020...