The story behind Fonik...

Fonik Audio Innovations began back in 2016. Alex, a passionate music enthusiast and lifelong DJ, decided to take the step into music production. Spending good money on a keyboard, controllers and synthesisers to then place them on top of plastic turntable lids, unstable IKEA shelves and make shift work surfaces, while continuously unplugging tangled cables, was not the environment he wanted to create. It soon hit home that the positioning, ergonomics and the general look of your studio set up plays a big part in productivity.


fonik stands for roland boutique and aria ranges


Being an experienced bench joiner and shop fitter, Alex’s skills and experience soon came into play designing and manufacturing cool looking stands and racks to accommodate his equipment, creating a more comfortable working angle and improving cable management. Before long, the clientele spread from friends to new clients, to manufacturing full studio desks and working on various music-related projects. This caught the attention of The Disc DJ Store, Bradford and Alex was commissioned to install a shop fit. Designing and building bespoke shop displays for the likes of Native Instruments and Pioneer, Alex soon realised that he could deliver high-quality, stylish audio stands to cater for synths, samplers and a whole range of other external music-making products.


Fonik Audio Innovations high quality wooden stands for audio equipment


With all materials ethically sourced we use precision CNC cutting machinery, high-quality moisture resistant MDF and premium birch plywood (as well as a keen eye for detail) to create each piece.

Our products are handcrafted and finished by experienced, quality joiners and exclusive professional paint finishers.


Fonik Audio Innovations handcrafted wooden stands for musicians and DJs


In the few short years since it's conception Fonik has gone from strength to strength, now boasting a 110 metre square workshop where we manufacture a range of off the shelf models as well as bespoke solutions. We know that the passion and dedication behind each Fonik design shines through our products.