Shopfitting & Studio Builds

With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and installation we have the skills required to undertake a wide range of projects. Our network of specialist contractors and skilled in-house tradesman deliver high profile installations and refits with minimal disruption.

From design to supplying and fitting, we provide an efficient and reliable service to assist you in creating your dream space. Your concept could be in a home studio or a commercial store, working alongside our expert team and supporting organisations we strive to provide a fully managed service throughout your journey of idea to completion.

We tailor our approach to reflect the needs of our clients offering a dedicated design process to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome every time. No matter the scale or complexity, we take our clients ideas and turn them into practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions. 

With an in-depth knowledge of audio equipment and an understanding of the importance of an eye catching design, its our passion to work on music and audio related projects. From point of sale display units and fixtures, to fitted counters and full installations, we aspire to create your desired bespoke package. We work closely with our clients to design layouts, storage spaces, display units, shelving, furniture and all other aspects of your vision. Having a strategic plan is our most important value, we aim to succeed in maximising space, efficiency and delivering our clients requirements beyond their expectations. We believe wholeheartedly in our products and services and our love of what we do is evidenced in our design, detail and quality

Our services include full studio installations from structural, interior and acoustic design including lighting and air conditioning arrangement. Our network of expert studio designers take meticulous attention to ensure the studio furniture you commission sits well with the interior and ambience of the room. We understand the importance of an inspirational recording studio interior whether it be a new build or the refurbishment of an existing facility, we focus on taking our clients vision and making it a reality. Careful attention to this area streamlines the whole process and allows for delivery of a successful studio build on time and budget. Our designers can assist you all the way to the finer details, from colour schemes to textures, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect environment that will inspire the best of your creativity

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result of our shop refurbishment from Fonik. The design and finish are immaculate, the passion that has gone into the project clearly shines through. Its been a pleasure working alongside Alex, his ideas and concept have made our space more functional and inviting and the minor details all the way to the cabling have been cleverly planned for the future. The overall project and work required was extensive and at first very daunting for a shop owner but the work schedule was intelligently planned and carefully carried out and we was able to remain open for business. We constantly get complemented on the look of the store and its great to see the final result reflecting on our customers and sales.

The Disc DJ Store

Im over the moon with my studio console and stands from Fonik. I’m really impressed with the build quality, especially the lacquered finish. The lights and sleek design are an immediate hit with anyone that visits. I have a substantial amount of modular equipment and before I had my custom console it was difficult to use all the equipment comfortably and efficiently. I can now access my cables with ease and effortlessly patch where I need. Having a set up thats co-ordinated accordingly makes everything even more enjoyable.

Pete W - Modular Meets

Before I approached Fonik, the studio desk I was using became unsteady and worn. After searching for a cost effective replacement I decided to reach out to Fonik. My initial set up worked for me and with some design upgrades and added features, Fonik came up with the desk I was looking for. Straight away you recognise the quality, a few adjustments in height and positioning has made a real difference in my recording. Knowing I can adapt the desk as I grow my studio is a game changer.

Shaun Dean