• Various wood grain veneers available on request
Various wood grain veneers available on request

Hand crafted stands for your audio equipment

Fonik stands have been designed to seamlessly house your devices both on stage and in the studio, delivering an ergonomically improved working angle combined with a neat cable management solution.

Our mission is to help you achieve the best workstation possible - a tidy lay out, ergonomic design, combining a professional look and feel whilst enhancing the overall user experience.

Coordinate your work space with Fonik accessories featuring the same sleek design across our product catalogue.

Connect with your equipment through our improved working angle and neat, hideaway cable management - cleaning up your workspace allows you to concentrate on what matters.

Compose - We believe that a music studio is not a place to work; with the right set up, your studio is the place that will inspire the best of your creativity.

3 Tier Fonik Audio stands with Roland Boutiques

Fonik stands are made from high quality moisture resistant MDF and premium birch plywood.

Fonik Logo CNC Machined

Our designs are CNC machined to ensure accuracy, then hand finished to the highest standard.

White Fonik Audio stand with Native Instruments Maschine MK3

We use acid catalyst paint to deliver a high quality finish that is resistant to abrasion and easy to keep clean.

Decksaver Covers

Our stands are made to fit Decksaver covers

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