About Us


Fonik Audio Innovations is a business built on passion for music, innovative ideas and first-class joinery skills.

Based in the heart of Bradford city centre, West Yorkshire, we manufacture high quality music accessories for DJ and music production equipment - to assist you in building “your studio”. 

Fonik began back in 2016, founded by Alex, a passionate music enthusiast, lifelong DJ and music producer.  With over 20 years of experience in shop fitting and bench joinery, Alex merged his skills with his passion to begin creating stylish stands and racks to accommodate his own equipment. In addition to the aesthetics, these studio upgrades were designed to deliver a more comfortable working angle whilst improving cable management.

Clientele quickly increased and from manufacturing stands and music production desks, Alex was commissioned for larger projects such as designing and installing shop fits. Highlights of this work included bespoke displays for the likes of Native Instruments and Pioneer.

All Fonik materials are ethically sourced.

We use precision CNC cutting machinery, high-quality moisture resistant MDF and premium grade plywood (as well as a keen eye for detail) to create each piece.

We’re proud to offer products that are handcrafted by experienced, quality joiners and finished by exclusive professional painters.

Fonik manufacture a range of ‘off the shelf’ models as well as custom orders, with each piece designed to solve common studio issues in an attractive way.

From experience, we understand that the positioning, ergonomics and the general look of your studio or work area plays a big part in productivity.

Whether your set up be in a bedroom, on stage or in a professional studio we hope that the passion and dedication behind each Fonik design shines through our products creating a more desirable environment while assisting your projects and work flow.

Our Promise

Fonik is an environmentally responsible company, we are committed to using ethically sourced wood from well managed forests and recyclable packaging.