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Love Music...

Fonik Audio Innovations is a business built on passion for music, innovative ideas and first-class joinery skills.

Based in the heart of Bradford city centre, West Yorkshire, we manufacture high quality stands for DJ and music production equipment to assist you in building “your studio”. For clients with larger requirements we also offer full bespoke studio solutions.

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Coordinate, Connect, Compose

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The Science behind Fonik...

Our mission is to help you achieve the best workstation possible - a tidy lay out, ergonomic design, comfort and style.

Coordinate your work space with Fonik stands featuring the same sleek design across our product catalogue.

Connect with your equipment through our improved working angle and neat, hideaway cable management - cleaning up your workspace allows you to concentrate on what matters.

Compose - We believe that a music studio is not a place to work; with the right set up, your studio is the place that will inspire the best of your creativity.

Fonik’s ever expanding product catalogue consists of over 25 elegant designs.

Each piece in the Fonik range has been designed to solve common studio issues in an attractive way.

Fonik products meet the needs of Music Producers and DJ’s, creating a functional and attractive accessory for your devices. The design combines a professional look and feel, whilst enhancing the overall user experience through carefully considered ergonomics, whether your set up be in a bedroom, on stage or in a professional studio.